• Prof. Yousef Haik

United Arab Emirates University
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The side effects of conventional cancer treatments (chemotherapy), such as hair loss and nausea, are a big disadvantage to these methods. The completion of cancer treatment could be increased due to a high level of comfort if the effective agent could be deployed more specifically within the cancer cells.

The system employs a smart carrier that upon injection into the patients’ body will seek and home at the tumor site. A multifunctional particle has been developed to release a chemotherapeutic agent dose at the tumor site upon exposure to an electromagnetic field which significantly reduces the overall treatment dose.

In addition of being a hyperthermia agent, the multifunctional particle can be remotely detected to help the treating physician in monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment noninvasively.

Distinctive elements:
Unlike the conventional methods, this treatment enables:

  • Localized deposition of chemotherapeutic agents directly into cancer tumor.
  • Controlled release of the chemotherapeutic agents in intended areas only.
  • Reduction of the described side effects.
  • Noninvasive monitoring of the effectiveness of the treatment with chemotherapeutic agents.

Examples of areas of application:

  • Medical applications (i.e. Cancer treatment)