• Dr. Basim Majeed
  • Paul Taylor
  • Marcello Leida
  • Ali Afzal

ETISALAT BT Innovation Centre
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Businesses rely on massive amounts of data to run their operations. However, many companies still process data in batches, meaning that any new data is not entered or updated until a scheduled update takes place.

Researchers at ETBIC have figured out a way by developing a system that can perform real-time monitoring of enterprise-wide events and data, allowing operators to receive instant “push” style notification updates without needing to check and re-check for records. Once the data is entered anywhere on the system, the relevant parties are instantly notified of the update.

Distinctive elements:

  • Instant response to service requests
  • Helps to identify potential system failures or crashes at an early stage

Examples of areas of application:

  • Businesses such as banks, internet service providers, and customer services departments