05 November 2013

Takamul Intellectual Property (IP) New Awareness Seminars

Abu Dhabi, May 29th 2013: As part of the Takamul Program’s national expansion and in its efforts to support innovation in the UAE, the Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee (TDC) has launched a new series of IP seminars addressed to academic institutes and companies throughout the Country, aiming to generate awareness about the importance of IP protection and the support available to inventors through the program.

The seminars present the mechanics of IP protection, covering subjects such as copyrights, trademarks, designs, trade secrets and, with particular focus, patents. The main objective is to provide local inventers with a better understanding of the patent laws both in the UAE and internationally, of the patent filing process to protect their innovations, and how the Takamul Program could help them.

Mr. Enrico Villa, Associate Director – Enterprise Development at TDC stated: “Innovation is at the heart of the UAE’s growth and the Takamul Program focuses on supporting international patent filing in industry segments that are important to the UAE’s long-term economic growth.” 

To date, seminars have been conducted at the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), UAE University (UAEU), the Petroleum Institute, Sharjah University and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai, with the total number of attendees exceeding 150 students and faculty. TDC will continue its seminars series throughout the rest of the year targeting academic institutions and companies in technology-intensive sectors, like ICT, aerospace, energy, cleantech, chemicals, basic materials, delivering a total of 15 seminars across the UAE by end of 2013.

Mr. Enrico Villa added: “IP protection is an important step of the innovation cycle and a key enabler for value creation. There’s a need of understanding the significant role and mechanisms of IP protection. The IP awareness seminars are another component of Takamul’s support for inventors across the UAE, in addition to financial aid for international patent filing”.

Professor Sehamuddin Galadari, Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies at UAEU commented: “The nation’s investment in Research and Development is vital to our future sustainability. Higher Education institutions such as UAEU are, therefore, the corner stones and pillars to ensure that this vision comes to fruition. To that end UAEU takes the issue of Intellectual Property and its potential benefits to our nation, our university, and our faculty very seriously. We thank TDC in helping us fulfill this important responsibility and we are grateful for their support”. 

Prof. Basem Saleem Attili, The Dean - College of Graduate Studies & Research at University of Sharjah said: “ We believe that the seminar was very informative, in order to encourage researchers to make use of their discoveries and take the next level in research and development. The Takamul program is an excellent step at the proper time when the country needs to see the research capabilities of the researchers translated into useful products rather than being published on paper and hence of no use”.

Wessen Rawazik, Director of Higher Education at the Knowledge and Human Development Authority said: “The Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee’s new series of IP seminars address a range of important issues facing creative inventors, as well as offering them support. KHDA is pleased to help the organisation facilitate these events, and hopes to host more insightful seminars in the future.”