25 February 2014

Takamul Program to Participate at ADRAC 2014

The Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee’s (TDC) Takamul innovation program is actively supporting ADNOC’s Research and Development Academic Conference (ADRAC) held 24th-28th February in Abu Dhabi. The conference is open to all universities and educational institution facilities, aiming to address the ADNOC OPCO challenges in the oil industry through advanced research and innovative developments.
ADRAC 2014 is one of the leading annual academia conferences in the space of Oil & Gas, creating a unique platform to discuss topics such as R&D Subsurface, including Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery, as well as R&D Drilling such as Smart Field Automation.

The Takamul program has a stand at the conference where visitors are able to learn more about the program activities and were able to attend a presentation addressing Intellectual Property (IP) Basics to a very engaging audience on the first day covering topics such as the mechanics of IP protection, copyright, trademarks, designs, trade secrets, and, with a particular focus, patents.

Dr. Wafik Beydoun, Head of ADNOC R‎&D said: "The ADNOC group of companies is moving towards creating an IP base as part of the overall R&D strategy. In particular, the focus on patents and patent awareness within the organization is a new prerequisite which requires guidance and communication. The TDC with its Takamul program is an ideal fit to help deliver these elements. For the first time in an ADRAC conference, Takamul is present in this event with a booth and associated specialists. Researchers and staff of the ADNOC group, and more generally across the UAE, can benefit by expressing directly their questions and concerns and interacting with IP specialists.‎"
Commenting on the participation, Enrico Villa, Director - Enterprise Development and Innovation, TDC stated, “ADRAC is a great platform for likeminded inventors, researchers and scientists to come together and share ideas. TDC’s Takamul program is a driving force behind the momentum of innovation and invention in science and technology related fields, and it is fitting that we are involved in an event discussing technological challenges in the Oil and Gas sector, one of the major industries in the UAE.”
Now in its fourth year, the Takamul program, recently awarded as “Best National IP and Licensing Policy 2013” by the Licensing Executives Society International in Geneva, has expanded its support activities within the entire UAE, making it a national innovation program.
During 2011-13 the Takamul program has provided legal and financial support to 66 UAE inventions being filed as patents internationally -8 of which in the oil and gas sector, with a further 40 in the pipeline entering 2014. In addition, from 2013 the program began providing commercialization support with very positive initial results, including the formation of a new advanced materials company in Abu Dhabi, as well as other inventions receiving licensing interest from multinational companies.