11 November 2014

TDC signs partnership with ADNOC to develop and manage the group’s IP processes and portfolio

Abu Dhabi, 11 November 2014: During the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference 2014, the Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee (TDC) signed a partnership agreement with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) to develop Intellectual Property (IP) processes and manage the IP portfolio for its group of companies including the Petroleum Institute. The partnership further reinforces the progress of TDC’s innovation support program Takamul, which has been designed specifically to help Emirati Enterprises and government entities as well as universities and individuals to protect and commercialize their innovative ideas.

Under the agreement, TDC will provide a customized solution that will assist ADNOC in the development and roll out of support for employees from idea conception to patent protection, effective evaluation methodology to aid quick decision making and an IP Management ecosystem that will not only help in all IP operations but enable inventors and researchers to consider their patents as a valuable contribution to the development of a knowledge base in the Emirate.

Additionally, TDC’s involvement will ensure a full patent process from assessment for successful filing to ongoing maintenance, including provision of expert patent attorneys and other support specialists, as well as the provision of marketing capabilities for patented technology, through commercialization and licensing.

Today’s deal sees ADNOC leverage Takamul’s successful track record over the last four years in generating awareness and a positive mindset around IP in Abu Dhabi and the UAE – to help design and implement the required processes to create an Intellectual Property (IP) base for the Research & Development Hub of the ADNOC group of companies.

Mohammed Al Qubaisi, ADNOC E&P Director said: “We are delighted to formalize our relationship with TDC. It is a key aspiration of the ADNOC group of companies to establish a strong IP base to support our Research & Development Hub. It is vital for the future competitiveness of the corporation. By working collaboratively with the Abu Dhabi Government sector and their responsible approach to IP we can look to expand our scope and operate an effective IP management system.”

Commenting on the agreement, Director General of TDC, HE Ahmed Saeed Al Calily, said: “TDC is committed to establishing Abu Dhabi as a leading global hub for Science, Technology and Innovation. Through our various strategic initiatives we are looking to embed STI in to the very fabric of our culture, which is not only in line with Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision of building a sustainable and diversified knowledge-based economy, but also the National Innovation Strategy recently launched by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE’s Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.”

Al Calily continued, “It is a testament to the value add of our TDC initiatives that major organizations within the Emirate such as ADNOC, look to partner with us for support in their operational endeavors. In a challenging business environment, we are proud to work with ADNOC to enable their innovation ecosystem and build on the positive results that have seen several patents filed and other inventions under evaluation.”

Supporting Abu Dhabi’s desire in becoming a knowledge-based economy by 2030, the aim of Takamul is to generate economic and societal value. The program is fast becoming well-recognized by local inventors, academia, companies and the Government of Abu Dhabi, as the key resource for IP awareness, IP generation, IP protection, IP management and exploitation of promising IP in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE. The program is supporting innovation within knowledge intensive industries such as: Health & Medical, ICT, Clean-tech, Semiconductors, Oil & Gas, Energy, Advanced materials, Infrastructure, among others.

TDC was established to support, supervise and coordinate STI development in Abu Dhabi, and thereby ensure a globally competitive and sustainable STI base in areas of economic and societal priority, through the fostering of world-class talent with the right skills and attitudes to support the creation of a vibrant enterprise base.  In the Takamul program TDC’s plans to enable the complete innovation cycle, from the generation of ideas to the practical and commercial application of these ideas into products, solutions and services.

To find out more about TDC including Takamul and ADNOC please visit www.tdc.gov.ae or www.adnoc.ae