06 June 2017

ADDED forms a committee for reviewing and studying patent applications submitted to Takamul

To approve patents of individuals and entities and determine their financial grants

Abu Dhabi, 06 June 2017: ADDED issued a resolution for the formation of a committee for reviewing and studying patents to be headed by HE.  Khalid Mohamed Al Kaabi, Executive Director of Policy and Legislation Affairs. The Committee will study and review patent applications as per Tekamal’s regulations and instructions and the laws applicable in the UAE.

The Resolution stated that the Committee will hold a meeting each month and is mandated to approve or reject applications, suspend applications and request further information, and determine financial grants for all approved applications.


Mr. Faisal Abdulla Alhmoudi, Senior Director of Takamul and Deputy Chairman of the Committee, mentioned that from October 2016 to May 2017, Takamul Program received 194 patent applications of which 64 have been approved, distributed into 20 patents from Emirati inventors and 42 applications from the following academic institutions: UAE University, Masdar Institute, Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi University, American University of Sharjah, and 2 applications form the Emirates Global Aluminum Company. “The total value of the patent applications approved during the above-mentioned period is AED 3812200.00 distributed into 1360000.00 to individuals, 2377200.00 to academic institutions and 75000.00 to governmental departments,” stated Alhmoudi.

Alhmoudi Aimed to make the UAE among the most innovative communities worldwide, Takamul supports implementing innovative ideas and transferring them into business activities benefiting the UAE economically and socially by enabling inventors of all classes and levels, whether individuals, corporations or Academic Institutes.

“Since its establishment, the ADDED-sponsored Takaful Program continues to achieve annual increase in the number of patents supported by the Program, expanding its support to inventors in the UAE, protecting their innovative ideas and contributing to the diversification of the national economy in line with the strategic vision of the wise leadership,” added Alhmoudi.

Launched by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 2011, Takamul is a national program aimed to support inventors, promote innovation in the UAE and foster all stages of innovation, from creating ideas to implanting and transferring them into income-generating products and services. The Program focuses on supporting knowledge-based industries, such as medicine, healthcare, IT and telecommunication technologies, clean technology, semiconductors, oil and gas, energy, advanced materials, infrastructure and others.

Takamul enables inventors to develop their innovations by providing them with the training and education needed, providing legislative and material support, and assisting the processes of technology implementation. The Program’s contribution to innovation is represented in developing companies’ expertise and capacities and providing them with solutions tailored to protect intellectual property and support technology transfer and implementation.