12 August 2017

The Takamul program have participated in " StartAD Hardware Venture Launchpad Program” demo day at New York University in Abu Dhabi.

The Takamul Group participated in the "StartAD Hardware Venture Launchpad Program” competition jury.

Abu Dhabi, 08 December 2017 :Ms. Lina Al Hashimi, a member of the Innovation, Incubation and Small Medium Projects team, participated in the judging panel at the launch of theStartAD Hardware Venture at New York University in Abu Dhabi, along with representatives from IBM, GE, Crescent Projects and START. More than 15 SMEs participated in the university.

The Technical Support for Technology Application Award went to three small projects: the Maya Systems project designed to collect and analyze camel data to improve camel performance in racing and training. The second prize went to the Stellethi project, which promotes and ensures that women have the required level of vitamin D and folic acid. The third award went to the project "Smadu" which aims to install smart locks for doors and control through the Bluetooth connection.

Project Realize won the Best Project Award which aims to reduce the cost of printing and reducing plastic waste worldwide.