10 October 2017

the Takamul program have organized seminars on the program for the academic institutions in the UAE.

the seminar start with the American University in Sharjah. 


Abu Dhabi, October 10, 2017: The Takamul Program team held the first external seminar in a series of seminars that the program plans to organize for the academic companies and institutions during the year to raise awareness of the importance of intellectual property.

The first symposium was held at the American University of Sharjah, which targeted the Faculty of Engineering recently, where it witnessed a presence and a great interaction by the faculty and graduate students in the Faculty of Engineering.

The seminar was opened by Mr. Salem bin Shabib, the team leader, who gave a brief overview of Takamul's program and its role in supporting the life cycle of innovation from idea to application, which is supported by Takamul's programs for inventors.

He also reviewed the mechanism of intellectual property protection, explaining the concepts of copyright, registration of trademarks, designs and trade secrets, focusing on the importance of patent protection and raising the awareness of local inventors of intellectual property laws at the state and global levels.