21 December 2017

A meeting between the Takamul program and United Arab Emirates University for the aim of cooperating to support UAE innovations.

Abu Dhabi, December 21,2017: The team of Innovation, Incubation and Small Medium Projects is represented by Mr. Salem bin Shabib, Mr. Faisal Al-Hammoudi and Ms. Lina Al-Hashimi. With  HE Professor Mohamed Albaili, Vice Chancellor of the University and Dr. Shawki Kharbash on Tuesday, where the Vice Chancellor welcomed the delegation.

During the visit, they reviewed the cooperation frameworks in activating incubators, engaging the university as an educational partner within the initiative of the pioneers of technology and innovation, holding the next TIP council at the university, and identifying points of communication to complete the cooperation process which started in 2011)

On the sidelines of the visit, a meeting was held with Prof. Mohsen Al-Sharif Director of Research and Projects funded the director of the National Water Center and the work team on the patent at the university, which was agreed to hold an awareness workshop for all employees to explain all services provided to local universities in the scope of support patent registration and applied models and linking them with priority sectors, In the presence of representatives of all the research centers of the University (Space Center, Nanotechnology Center, Health, Water, and all centers operating under the umbrella of the University).

At the end of the visit, a tour of the university's corridors and the park of Emirates University for Science and Technology was held with Dr. Shawki Kharbash and a number of start-up companies will be formed, some of which will cooperate with TIP initiatives.