29 January 2018

the Takamul team contributed in "Leadership Effect on Small and Medium Enterprises" event in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi, 11 December 2017: Takamul participated in the "Leadership Effect on Small and Medium Enterprises in Abu Dhabi" organized by the Emirates College of Technology. The event provides a vision for policy makers interested in entrepreneurial development and leadership in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Lina Al Hashemi, member of the Innovation, Incubation and Small medium Projects team, delivered an opening speech entitled "The Role of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Creating Sustainable Diversity for the Abu Dhabi Economy". 
Which included three main themes:
• The impact of entrepreneurship and innovation on the national economy.
• The role of public and private sectors in supporting entrepreneurship and innovation.
• The role of the Department of Economic Development in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Abu Dhabi.