Invention Disclosure

The invention is communicated to the Takamul Technology Transfer who secures patent protection for inventors and their innovations. The invention is communicated by means of an Invention Disclosure Form which is to be completed and submitted by the inventor. This form also includes a request for financial support and prosecution of a patent.

Technology Assessment

Your disclosure is assessed using a triage scorecard. Scores are provided for various criteria such as the strength of the Intellectual Property (IP), size and competiveness of potential markets for the IP, etc.

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

If an invention is determined to be novel and that of high potential commercial value, Takamul Technology Transfer proceeds to prepare and file the patent. This requires significant input from the inventor(s) and external patent and technical experts.

Technology Marketing

Takamul Technology Transfer conducts extensive technology field analysis that includes elements such as comparing competing technologies, studying size and growth of target markets, etc. Takamul Technology Transfer then develops marketing material for the technology along with a list of potential licensees.


In some cases, the effective development of the IP may require further development to validate the efficacy of the invention at a scale, location or context appropriate to its intended use. This work often results in the development of a prototype. Takamul Technology Transfer Partners can apply for funding, from the Takamul Technology Transfer to perform these proof-of-concept activities.


The Takamul Technology Transfer partner has the ultimate authority to make all decisions throughout the IP commercialization process. This is particularly vital under the scenario where the IP has not scored well in the Technology Assessment Phase or if it has failed to meet the criteria during the Proof-of-Concept phase.

Engage with Licensees

Takamul Technology Transfer directly approaches potential licensees and enters into formal negotiations with interested potential licensee(s). This is to execute an option or license agreement on behalf of the Takamul Technology Transfer partner.

Cross-Cutting Services

In addition, Takamul Technology Transfer will provide a range of cross-cutting services. These services include training / awareness programs and access to a network of various external experts specialized in a range of subjects.



Entity/individual to fill out application form that provides a high level description of the invention


DED will evaluate applications to ensure eligibility and completeness, which may include an in-person interview with the inventor(s)


Once a decision is made, DED will communicate the result to the applicant including potential next steps