Please read the instructions carefully and click on 'proceed' below to continue on to the invention application process.

The initial phase of the Takamul program will focus on assisting organizations, institutions and individuals who are registering and filing for international patents. This application form is a preliminary questionnaire and will assist DED with assessing the patentability of the invention and help us determine the type and/or level of support to provide to you or your organization.

The level of financial support differs dependent on eligible participating groups which include:

  •  Emirati national residing in the UAE
  •  UAE based academic institution
  •  UAE based company
  •  UAE government organization

This support cover costs of drafting, filing and prosecuting international patents, as well as filing an application under chapter I, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Financial Support % Reimbursement Absolute cap
Emirati national (Individual) 90% 56,000 AED
UAE Academia, with Emirati 75% 47,000 AED
Academia, without Emirati 60% 37,600 AED
Commercial Organisation 50% 31,000 AED
Government Organisation 50% 31,000 AED

Before you proceed with the application, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Your answers to this form will help us make a preliminary assessment regarding the patentability of the invention you or your organization would like to patent. All answers are strictly confidential and will not be divulged to any third party.
  • This form should be filled out by the inventor/owner of the invention, or alternatively, by an authorized representative. Since this is a preliminary form, we do not require detailed specifications or drawings. However, please provide enough detail for us to understand the basic principles and benefits surrounding the invention.
  • Please feel free to attach any relevant documents that include information relevant to the form. In the event you do attach such documents, please make reference to the attachments in the form where appropriate.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions by email to or call 800 555.



Entity/individual to fill out application form that provides a high level description of the invention


DED will evaluate applications to ensure eligibility and completeness, which may include an in-person interview with the inventor(s)


Once a decision is made, DED will communicate the result to the applicant including potential next steps