22 October 2018

On the sidelines Of ADDED participation in GITEX Technology Week 2018

Dubai on October 17,,

The Department of Economic Development Abu Dhabi ADDED represented in “TAKAMUL” Program, within its participation in GITEX Technology Week 2018, delivers 4 services in the area of innovation pertaining to patents’ registration requests, technical evaluation of an idea or intervention, evaluation of proof of concept and supporting start-up companies.

Faisal Al Hmoudi, Director of the “TAKAMUL” Program stated that such services are directed at enhancing Abu Dhabi vision to build knowledge-based economy, besides developing innovation and patents’ sectors in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and in the State.

He explained that such services are well-defined in Abu Dhabi services Directory, while each services has its own operations, conditions and laws that are also defined within the platform located at GITEX Technology Week 2018. As well, they are identified via E-portal of “TAKAMUL” Program, affiliated with DED.it worth to be noted that such services are considered the one and only in the UAE intended to and accelerate innovation in Abu Dhabi and nationwide.

Furthermore, Faisal Al Hmoudi mentioned that the number of patents supported and registered within “TAKAMUL” Program amounted to 232, while 610 patents were evaluated and 267 patents were registered. Different categories of universities were supported such as (Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates University, American University of Sharjah and else), in addition to Emirate inventors and small & medium-sized enterprises that have been strengthened.

Regarding technology assessment service, Faisal Al Hmoudi, Director of the “TAKAMUL” Program indicated that 200 diverse technologies were assessed through sorting processes, executed by international experts. Inventions are assessed according to the different fields of technology; prospects for successful technology are assessed at technical & commercials levels.

He added that 10 proof of concepts were supported, knowing that this service is dedicated to investors and others interested in establishing start-up or subsidiary projects based on technology. “TAKAMUL” Program strengthens the development of action plans, and conducting comprehensive verification studies of the intervention, while the investor undertakes the responsibility of the activity. He pointed out that 7 hi-tech entities were licenses while 30 technological start-up companies were approved.

Moreover, Faisal Al Hmoudi, Director of the “TAKAMUL” Program mentioned that participation of the program within GITEX Technology Week, aims at promoting support provided to inventors and fostering innovation culture in the UAE, thus contributing to making it among the most innovative communities in the world. By supporting the implementation of innovative ideas and diverting to economic activities, beneficial to the state at economic & social levels by supporting inventors of different classes and levels individuals, companies or academic institutions.

He added that since the “TAKAMUL” Program was launched, it furthers achieving annual increase in the number of patents registered, besides raising awareness on basic phases of innovation with special emphasis on legal aspects which maintain related rights including the intellectual property, including the manner in which it is protected, and the manner in which its trade values are activated.

Additionally, Al Hmoudi declared that innovation within science and technology industries is a key contributor to achieving sustainable economic development and building a knowledge-based economy. The “TAKAMUL” Program is in keeping with the main objective of Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 represented in the development of innovative human capital within science & technology sectors by strengthening inventors of all age groups, intended to translate their striving creative ideas into practice.

He also mentioned that having an enabling and supportive environment for innovation constitutes a key fundamental of knowledge-based economy. Therefore, the “TAKAMUL” Program with its participation in GITEX Technology Week 2018 offers integrated services meeting all requirements of creativity. The program keeps moving on towards presenting new and supporting services to inventors in the United Arab Emirates and abroad, in addition to further enhancing their energies & scientific capacities.

Faisal Al Hmoudi, noted that “TAKAMUL” Program provides support to innovation phases, and this support is represented in three major aspects which are: informing inventors about the basic phases of innovation by introducing the concepts of intellectual property and patents, activating trade values of intellectual property and activating the intellectual property assets, by evaluating the compatibility of the invention with the criteria of patent registration and finally evaluating the commercial feasibility. This step includes two elements: initial sorting of technology and detailed testing of technology, where the initial assessment of the readiness of technology to be introduced into market is integrated, and then a detailed analysis of market entry opportunities is conducted.

Besides, Al Hmoudi underlined that engagement of the “TAKAMUL” Program in GITEX Technology Week 2018 is directed at promoting for Technology & Innovation Platform TIP in health care, which have been launched earlier this year with the Department of Health intended to enhance communication with the world's leading companies and states in the area of technology & innovation in health care, which aims to support the environment of innovation and technology in the UAE, motivate the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, and strive to service innovation cycle in health care.

He explained that Technology & Innovation Platform (TIP) offer solutions to interactive challenges, to the targeted sectors through specific tracks linked to the R & D system and the innovation system inside the UAE and abroad. The platform was connected with a number of research universities, local & international researchers and inventors. It is worth noting that the first course was activated by declaring a health care award in a strategic partnership developed with Department of Health.

He added that an awareness-raising campaign on the health care award was implemented through Technology & Innovation Platform (TIP), which resulted in identifying 9 challenges in health care, reaching 34 countries and 1182 applicants, 990 of them completed the courses credited by the platform and 125 completed the preliminary qualification requirements. The initial sorting process resulted in having 80 eligible proposals, and extended meetings were held with them, while 25 applicants were qualified in the three categories of the award: patents, proof of concept and technological start-up companies.

Al Hmoudi also indicated that participation in GITEX Technology Week 2018 is considered a valuable opportunity to promote Technology & Innovation Platform (TIP), with a view to supporting priority sectors based on modern technology, in shifting to innovation.