• Dr. Jerald Yoo
  • Muhammad Awais Bin Altaf

Masdar Institute
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The timely detection of an epileptic seizure to alert the patient is currently not available. The invention is a device that can classify specific seizures of patients. It is realized within a microchip (IC) and can be attached to the patient.

Compared to existing linear devices which are not very accurate, this invention is based on non-linear logic which increases the accuracy of detection by about 10% to 95% and reduces the false alarms to about 1% (5-15% with conventional solution).

Distinctive elements:
  • The level of accuracy for prediction and false alarm is superior to that of existing methods.
Examples of areas of application:
  • Prediction of epileptic seizures
  • Support an accurate medication of epileptic patients
  • Monitoring and research on epilepsy