Takamul provides support in patent filing, prosecuting of international patents and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) filings. For further details, refer to Takamul’s 
Terms & Conditions.

The level of financial support differs based on the participating groups. These groups include:

  • Emirati nationals residing in the UAE
  • UAE based academic institutions
  • UAE based companies
  • UAE government organisation

The financial support cover costs of drafting, filing and prosecuting international patents, as well as filing an application under chapter I, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Financial Support % Reimbursement Absolute cap *
Emirati national (Individual) 90% 56,000 AED
UAE Academia, with Emirati 75% 47,000 AED
Academia, without Emirati 60% 37,600 AED
Commercial Organisation 50% 31,000 AED
Government Organisation 50% 31,000 AED

* Detail on the cap split between these can be found in the
Takamul Terms & Conditions  page.

Realize the potential of your unique idea and take the first step by submitting a Patent Filing Support application online in English

To take the first step in realizing the potential of your innovation you are required to submit a Patent Filing Support application online in English as early as possible in the inventive process.

Your idea should fulfill the following criteria:

  • It has to be inventive
  • It has to be novel
  • It has not been disclosed to the public

The Takamul Application Form is designed to gather specific information that will enable evaluation of the invention's patentability and commercial potential.

The patent filing process is comprised of 3 simple steps:

  1. Application

    The entity/individual will need to fill out an application form that provides a detailed description of the invention.

  2. Evaluation

    DED will evaluate the application to ensure criteria fulfillment and eligibility which may entail a face-to-face interview with the inventor(s).

  3. Acceptance or Rejection

    Once the status of the application is decided, DED will communicate the decision to the applicant and inform them of the next steps.